7 Cedars Billboards

Promotional billboards for all 7 Cedars properties for the Winter season on 2020 centering on using hashtags chosen by executive management.
I endeavored to create a series inspired by gallery paintings using imagery that creates a sense of depth and dimension by breaking the border. As all of our billboards stand against tall, dark trees and structures, white was chosen as the border color to better help the design capture drivers' attention.
Themed to using hashtags as our main copy, this series aimed to promote social engagement while advertising the different activities that are being offered by 7 Cedars properties. Specifically, the majority of the billboards were dedicated to promoting what the new 7 Cedars Hotel packages were accommodating, such as golf and outdoor adventures.
As we were only running these advertisements within a very small, local radius, the decision was made to restrict the design copy to the hashtag and the brand to experiment with brand recognition. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, it felt like an appropriate time to give the 7 Cedars brand a chance to stand on its own in a way.
At the time of this project, the Marketing team had been making a strong push for utilizing more of our own imagery of the properties. The desired effect was to rely less on stock images and identify gaps we have in our own in-house archive. The boards #GETOUTDOORS, #WEEKENDESCAPES, and #GOLFANDVIEWS feature my own photography.
Highway signs
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Project Goals
Brand recognition
Series theme
Utilize in-house imagery