Barrel Pints

Prompt: Product and Packaging project to produce packaging for fictional companies that focuses on re-usability and waste reduction.
Drawing inspiration from the designs of vintage apple crates from eastern Washington State's thriving orchards and heritage, I set out to design a label that merged state history with local regions. Named after different counties from around the state, I drafted the first two flavors in honor of Wenatchee's seat as the portal to apple country and Bellingham's rising craft beer scene, bridging two popular scenes that span across the Cascade mountains that separate them and nod to the start-to-finish journey of cider-making.
Breaking completely away from aluminum cans and glass bottles, my approach to waste production assumed that littering behaviors that defeat the purpose of recycling should be fought not against the bad habit but in response to it. Thusly, I set out to produce something that would be as close to 100% biodegradable as possible so when they are trashed on the side of a road or left behind at a campsite, they degrade away into waste that does not harm their natural surroundings. 
The product I was able to arrive at is 90% complete to my original vision, with only the metal pipe fittings being the outlier. In their original vision, the pipe fittings would be replaced by two channels cut on the outer diameter at the top and bottom of the barrel and secured tightly by hemp rope and sealed into place with beeswax.
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