Bear's Bourbon Bar Digital Menu
Promotional posters for 7 Cedars golf course pro shop with an abstract twist.
In a push to modernize and create an ease-of-use fix for functional information communication to customers of menu items and stock status in the Food & Beverage department at 7 Cedars, I was tasked with creating a mock-up of a digital menu for the then-new The Bear's Bourbon Bar. The digital menu would need to have a distinction between food and drinks items.
For this, I used Adobe XD. I prioritized hierarchy with separating the different drinks into their whiskey style, as either a Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, or Scotch, then subcategorizing to distilleries and their products. Each product features a description of color, taste, aroma, and finish as well as price and proof.
Ultimately, this project was shelved after it became apparent that the work needed to be spent to produce this in-house was beyond what the company was willing to commit to. However, this was valuable experience in learning the tools and skills necessary to produce a functional tablet app and digital menu.
Tablet Menu Prototype
Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop CC