BLUCAVs April Fool's Graphic

Promotional billboards for all 7 Cedars properties for the Winter season of 2020 centered around social media hashtags chosen by executive management.
April 1 of 2013 we at AirshowStuff produced one of our most successful posts to our Facebook page with a clever trick in honor of April Fool's Day. It began with our editor-in-chief Ryan Sundheimer proposing the story just the night before and me being daring enough to attempt this in one night. Here's how it unfolded:
I used only two images to make the composite: a photo of the Sierra Nevada mountains I had snapped on a flight to Las Vegas and a photo provided to us by Northrop Grumman from a previous article. I additionally used one of my own photos of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels to sample colors for the "painting" process.

1. Cut out the aircraft. 2. Create the paint job layer. 3. Superimpose the paint over the cutout. 4. Add shading and details.

I adjusted the background image with a slight blur to simulate depth-of-field as if it were a real air-to-air image. A layer of grain was added to the BLUCAVs to add an extra layer of believability.
Mockup image
Adobe Photoshop
Project Goals
Viral social media post