I was recently approached by my good friend Brianna Dietrich to design a logo for her Etsy shop. Her preferences included something with trees and with a similar look and feel to what she had already been using for her tags.
I immediately knew the perfect shape to use for her logo. As far back as I can remember, her and I have spent much of our time visiting and hiking around the Salt Creek Recreation Area in Clallam County. Aside from World War II-era bunkers nestled into the hillsides and captivating views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the beach is most recognized for the large seas stack that juts out of the surf along Tongue Point. With that in mind, I set out to incorporate that familiar image and her handwriting. I shaped this logo to be fairly simple in design that impressed the homemade genuineness of her crafts. It took some time to get each element where I wanted it, but the final product is something I'm particularly happy with and one Brianna fell in love with almost instantly.
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