During my last year at Peninsula College, I was invited once more to participate in the college's Moving Pictures Festival. Though I hadn't done much throughout the past year, I did submit three short films to the festival that received a surprising amount of positive feedback. To quote an email from Emma Jannsen of the College Advancement department:
"I couldn’t stay to talk to you after the Movie Festival was over but just wanted to say your work was fabulous especially on the big screen! So complete in filming, story, graphics and music. Your military film actually brought a tear to my eye at the end because I thought it was so good and I love avionics so special to my heart. Outer space one was very interesting, leaving me to want to see more and intrigued with the explanation afterwards.  You have a special niche and do it well.  I really  want to see more of your work in the future so keep going!"
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