I get bored when there isn't something to do in the off season, when I'm home from work and no one's available, or if I've woken up at 3 AM for no reason but damn am I ready for the day! Sometimes there's a holiday or something special coming up that I want to creatively commemorate. Whatever the reason, I've practiced my art of graphic design outside of the professional or occupational call of duty and made some pretty snazzy illustrations.
Gee Bee Super Sportster Poster (2014)
Chilling In The Night ghost storytelling event with friends (2014)
"The Might Eighth" concept movie poster (2015)
US Marine Corps 240th birthday graphic (2015)
September 11th memorial graphic (2014)
Memorial Day graphic (2016)
Pearl Harbor Day memorial graphic (2014)
US Air Force 68th Birthday graphic (2015)
Veterans Day graphic (2014)
B&R Blades proposed logo (2013)
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