Swede Point Creamery

Prompt: Product and Packaging project to produce packaging for a small town Iowa-based goat farm. Products can be existing or future lines produced by the creamery.
Inspired by the architecture of the High Trestle Trail Bridge of Swede Point, Iowa, I proposed this branding for the local creamery. I aimed to improve their brand recognition with a more cohesive and creative design while also anchoring the brand to the town's identity and heritage.
Swede Point Creamery produces a full range of cheeses of different heritages, so to better identify those lineages, I've incorporated a slim pattern of the cheese's national origin to give customers an extra level of detail and appreciation from the individual products.
As their products are all goat-based, I theorized a line of cosmetic applications like the lip balm seen below.
Product packaging
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Personal Goals
Local connection
Cosmetic line introduction