Since 2009, I've been working for, originally starting as an editor for the then-new AirshowStuff Magazine, evolving into a reporter the next year, and continuing to shoot and write for the site when we transitioned from a monthly publication to an online blog. My work for this group has been some of the most important content I've produced, helping me refine my writing styles and continue to practice long after departing the college newspapers I got my start in.
Below, you'll find links to my numerous articles on the blog (beginning with my most recent works) and to our archived magazine editions with my earliest articles and photos.
Blog Articles
(2014 articles are missing)
Magazine Articles
September 2013
Abbotsford Intl. Airshow - p32
October 2012
Museum of Flight Profile - p12
September 2012
Seattle Seafair - p100
July 2012
Alaska Airlines Aviation Day - p16
October 2011
787 Delivery - p18
September 2011
Air Mobility Command Rodeo - p24
May 2011
747-8I First Flight - p32
September 2010
Abbotsford Intl. Airshow - p36
August 2010
Joint Base Lewis-McChord Air Expo - p34
August 2009
Seafair & Abbotsford - p30
June 2009
Collings Foundation B-17 Flight - p12
May 2009
General Aviation Day - p54