I can safely say I have been an artist all my life. As far back as I can remember, I've been hooked on the arts, beginning with sketching and painting before taking on digital mediums as a teenager like photography and graphic design.
The greatest driving force for my creativity has been the need to produce what I envision. My active imagination and knack for storytelling has driven me to pursue new disciplines so I can best share those thoughts and ideas. That has meant a lot of teaching myself and formal education in different artistic mediums both traditional and digital to help me manifest my thoughts and expression.
It is my intent to provide those who need a creative mind and semi-jack-of-all-trades with a means to realize their own concepts and ideas. There's nothing greater to me than helping bring an idea and a concept to a tangible existence.
BFA, Design - Cornish College of the Arts, 2019
aas, multimedia Communication - Peninsula College, 2016